Who Is Mats Jacobson?
I’m now retired since 2017 and as most people in my situation, I don’t find the time I expected to work 100% with my online business. So what’s then my reason for this and my history?

First I have always been interested in classical music and most what we call Early Music. That is not early in the morning but mostly music from the 19th century and way back with a performance as close as possible accurate to the period with instruments from the time or replicas.

Now, what have I done for living?
I started as an apprentice in 1975 at a church organ factory but soon begun at the Swedish Customs 1977 in a drug enforcement unit, but at that time combined with Managed the Trade.
2009 I was entirely belonging to the Managing the Trade unit or department. And at all that time I had my music almost like the second occupation.

But at the beginning of 2002, I came across my first online business. At that time the tools for online marketing promotion was very much about traffic exchanges and safelists, classical ads FFA and so on. It worked well with those tools at that time. But as most people then and today I jumped around like a rabbit from business to business since I saw none of that big money all promised. And besides, I didn’t focus. Honestly, I treated my business like a hobby.

During that time I also started my old hobby gliding. So between 2007 and 2011 I also was involved in gliding plus hard engaging in the club coordinating the different activities as education, towing, ground crew and so on. You can imagine how little time I could spend with my online business or could I honestly call it, my online hobby.

But somewhere during this time, I couldn’t get rid of that nagging feeling of a nice online income. And as my retirement approached it felt more and more urgent to secure my future. Luckily I came across a new “upliner” who was new with online marketing and saw everything with new eyes and apparently with good mentors around him. (Thank you Lars Deshayes)

I was also lucky to come across some good mentors as well and programs with good lessons which I call the New Generation Marketing.
Suddenly I see these ideas in many places since I left the old school. But I understand that these or some of the ideas have been around for some time me holding hard to the old school.

I find it very exciting and challenging today to start all over again with new fresh ideas about marketing.
Not very active on social media. Hope to do better since it's crucial.
Affiliate Marketer, Mjaco Business and Promotion
Höllviken, Sweden

Yes, there are bad businesses out there and pure scam but at the end all depends on just YOU!
Read this below to understand more about your business.


It takes way less effort to recruit quality people than it takes to recruit broke people.
The quality person may ask two or three questions after watching the video before they take action.
But they will get to work immediately, and make money their very first month.

The broke person will ask 100 questions and then never do anything anyway.
The amount of time you just wasted is not worth it.

Even if they buy from you they will drain your energy daily.
They will never go through the training as instructed.

After that... they will still do nothing except complain.
It's bizarre but it's the truth.

After that they will say it's a scam. LOL